About Tidewater Environmental Services

Tidewater Environmental Services owns and operates an extensive fleet of conventional and specialized equipment and vehicles used in our operations. We provide a comprehensive range of services for both the marine and industrial communities throughout the Pacific Northwest including Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California.

We were founded in 1990 to answer the needs of the local industrial and marine community. Using this service as a solid foundation, we have expanded our company into a full service general contractor including all avenues of hazardous and non-hazardous marine and industrial services and waste transportation. Our customers include many major facility owners and operators, world premier industrial service providers, ship owners, ship operators, and their agents. We routinely provide these services throughout the Pacific Northwest and also provide worldwide Riding Crews for vessel cleaning.

In July 2014, Tidewater Environmental Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tidewater Holdings, Incorporated, acquired West Coast Marine. Visit Tidewater's website for more information about the company. Tidewater Environmental Services' headquarters is centrally located in Vancouver, Washington, where we maintain our administrative office, shop, yard, and equipment maintenance facilities.

Our Fleet

Tidewater Environmental Services has a fleet of inspected, up-to-date liquid vacuum trucks ready for our customers’ needs. Our quality vacuum trucks range in capacity from 70 barrels (2,940 gallons) to 140 barrels (5,880 gallons).


Each unit is a self-contained package, capable of maintaining a constant vacuum/pressure to quickly load/off-load most products and employs the latest safety devices available.


• Mild Steel Construction for Petroleum Products
• Stainless Steel Construction for Corrosives/Acids
• Full, Rear Opening, End Dumps for Solids Encountered

Safety & Risk Management

In response to the risks associated with the pumping and transportation of industrial wastes, Tidewater Environmental Services follows strict protocols for safety. Our vehicles are annually inspected and meet all Federal, State, and DOT requirements. Equally important, every one of our drivers are certified to handle and transport hazardous/non-hazardous wastes.


Our drivers also comply to a Federally mandated drug and alcohol program. Tidewater Environmental Services is fully insured and federally authorized to transport your material via intra/inter-state under our DOT authority number USDOT-490704.


The U.S. Coast Guard has authorized Tidewater Environmental Services to conduct over-the-water transfer operations of all waste materials. This material could be profiled and delivered to a fuels recycler or permitted disposal facility. Tidewater Environmental Services also has a compliance agreement with the USDA for receiving and disposal of regulated garbage.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Tidewater Environmental Services acknowledges and respects all existing Federal, state or tribal regulations, permits and operating agreements that apply to industrial waste management. We are licensed and insured to professionally execute your waste removal requirements. We utilize environmentally safe, legal waste removal and transportation practices.

Tidewater Environmental Services, Inc. DBA West Coast Marine Cleaning

P.O. Box 61944

Vancouver, WA  98666-1944

Toll Free: 877-926-2462

Oregon Office: 503-285-2485

Washington Office: 360-696-3362

24-Hour Dispatch: 503-285-2485 (ask for Duty Personnel)

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